The Magic of a Master Teacher - Joseph P. Badame

The Magic of a Master Teacher

By Joseph P. Badame

  • Release Date: 2015-08-15
  • Genre: Développement personnel


Teachers lay the foundations of society. They shape the character of the next generation of citizens and therefore determine the quality and success of that society. Poor, mediocre, or unmotivated teachers will produce a society that will eventually crumble and fail. Good teachers will produce a society that will survive but not excel. Master teachers will produce a society that will flourish and benefit mankind for generations.

This true tale tells of one such master teacher from the past who is sadly no longer with us. The challenge is will we let her excellence die with her, or will we learn and follow her example and pass that learning on to the next generations. No less than the future of our country depends on our answer and our actions. To reply with anything less than an affirmative response will doom our future to mediocrity and certain failure.

As you learn about “Miss Crudo,” ask yourself if our current educational system has continued her example of distinction or if it has regressed. If we fail to react to our decline we will relegate our children and their children to lives that will be so much less than they could be. They deserve better. We must decide