Our Marriage in Saint Peter's Basilica - Joseph P. Badame

Our Marriage in Saint Peter's Basilica

By Joseph P. Badame

  • Release Date: 2014-11-10
  • Genre: Famille et relations


True love can be found almost anywhere, sometimes nowhere. Most search for it diligently and persistently, many times all their lives without success. But sometimes it falls unexpectedly from Heaven. Such was the case for Phyliss and Joseph in their eighth grade classroom. No, the love was not as classmates, but as Phyliss the teacher and Joseph the student. Their association turned to true love, but marriage seemed illusive because of their ages and their circumstances . . . until they found themselves four thousand miles apart, she in New Jersey, he in Tunisia, in the Peace Corps. The separation and the denied union were no longer bearable for them, and they embarked on a fairy-tale marriage and a “two-year long” honeymoon in paradise. The honeymoon was followed by forty three years of love, happiness, and sadly, sorrow. It is an unusual and endearing, true adventure of how the devotion and determination of two people in love can overcome the trials of life.