No Thanks!: Judy's Story, Not an Unusual Tale - Joseph P. Badame

No Thanks!: Judy's Story, Not an Unusual Tale

By Joseph P. Badame

  • Release Date: 2014-12-08
  • Genre: Famille et relations


The former generations of self-sacrificing and benevolent Americans are dying and dying with them is American greatness and generosity. That greatness is being replaced by the entitlement mentality of much of our younger generation of today. The mentality is now approaching an epidemic and threatens the foundations on which our country was based. The sad tale of this decay is told in this short story of Judy who was compelled to become a single mother of two small children by tragedy. The true tale recounts how her sacrifice and kindness by welcoming into her home a needy child as one of her own was returned with indifference and callousness. It is a story that is repeated in homes across the country between parents and their own offspring. The sad narrative illustrates how the path of our nation is leading to self-interest rather than concern for those around us. It marks the death of gratitude and gratefulness. If left unaddressed this accelerating trend will leave us with a country that none will recognize and leave us yearning for the one we lost through our own neglect.